A broken and resigned heart

broken heart心のうち【inner-world-of-the-heart】

The mind (emotions) is inherently angry when it is hurt.

But a heart that has been hurt too much will refuse to even produce angry feelings anymore.

What happens to the mind as a result?

It creates a feeling of “giving up.”

You can’t help it if you are angry.
Nothing will change.

The more the mind thinks like that, the harder the mind hardens and controls the emotions so that they do not move, and instead the thoughts move ahead.

To tell myself (mind) by myself (thoughts).

However, in healing the heart, you cannot recover your true self without anger.

Because the mind (emotion) is one.

No one can do the trick of only expressing happy or joyful feelings and not sad or hurt feelings.

It is the true heart that produces a balance of all joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure.

However, a mind that has given up being angry and hardened is very guarded and does not emote so easily.

Recently, anger management is also said to be a good way to suppress angry feelings.

Is that really the case? I think so.

Too much anger can actually do terrible harm.

So I would always speak to the heart that had given up being angry, saying, “It is important to be angry.