Where do assumptions come from?


There are two types of assumptions, and I believe that the main causes are one’s own misunderstandings and imprinting from the environment.

The degree of one’s own misunderstanding is cute, but the problem is the assumption that comes from imprinting.

It is easier to understand if we use the example of a house curry.

Curry at Mr. A’s house is made with chicken every time.

Every curry at Mr. B’s house contains no meat and is made only with vegetables.

The curry at Mr. C’s house is always made with a very light flavor.

Children do not question the common sense at home.

This is imprinted as common sense and they become adults.

As they grow older, they gradually realize that their own common sense is different from that of others.

Then one day, you suddenly realize that the curry you are eating at home is not the curry of the world.

As with the example of curry alone, the environment and upbringing of each family is very different.

It is not the same for everyone, and various imprinted beliefs are created in the environment in which we grow up, such as the way we see things, the way we think, our discipline, and our personal appearance.

With regard to food, clothing, and shelter, as we grow older, we come into more contact with others, we notice more and more differences between ourselves and others, and our assumptions disappear.

But the problem is the way we look at things, the way we think.

I think this is something that cannot be changed so easily just because we have grown up.