Become a Reiki Teacher

Spirituality reiki Teachersヒーラーへの道【the-way-to-healer】

It was about 10 months after I had learned Reiki that I decided to become a Reiki teacher.

I had a certain number of customers for the heart healing that I arranged with Reiki, and the power of Reiki was increasing, so I decided to teach it this time.

In addition, I also decided to become a certified teacher of “Rokugo Jingong” along with Reiki, although I had not used it.

Then I contacted the teacher who taught me Reiki in order to take a course to become a Reiki teacher.

To become a teacher, I needed to practice spiritual attunement, so my teacher asked, “Does anyone want to take my attunement practice?” I was asked.

I wish my husband could have been there, but he was away for work, so when I said “no one is available,” the doctor had to bring someone with him.

The location of the teacher course was again set up in my salon.

The person the teacher brought in to practice attunement was a classy lady.

I was given the text for the teacher, but since my aunt was here for practice, I asked her to do the attunement again as a review first, and she taught me how to do the attunement.

Then, before I forgot, I was to go straight to my aunt and practice attunement until I learned it over and over again.

The lady who was my training partner did not waste any words and quietly went along with my practice.

However, it seemed that the lady who served as my training partner was in charge of judging whether I was attuned properly, and the teacher was doing a final check to see if I was attuned.

When Auntie gave the OK, the only thing she said to me that had remained silent up to that point was, “The psychic energy I attune was a golden glowing energy.” She told me.( ̄▽ ̄)

After the attunement practice, the aunt left first, and then the one-on-one teacher course began again with the teacher.

However, just as before, we were taught only the main points of the textbook and listened to the teacher’s private talk, which was almost the same as the last time.