Memory of the Soul: Alice’s Episode (2)

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You have to love yourself.” Alice was surprised to hear that, but as if remembering something, she said, “Maybe you’re right. When I was in the light, we cared for each other, and my compassion and love were reciprocated when I expressed them in the light. He said.

I was hurt. Alice’s soul knew how to be loved. I guess it’s natural to seek love in a community every time you reincarnate, if you know how to be loved. But you see, not only Alice, but people are surprisingly unaware that love is actually more fulfilling when you love yourself rather than expecting someone else’s love. So I think Alice would do well to love herself first.”

I was thinking about all the times when receiving love was the norm, so every time I gave out love, the love inside of me diminished. I was always thinking about the times when receiving love was the norm, so every time I gave out love, the love inside me diminished. So recently I was afraid that I would lose the love inside me. Because I think that if I lose the love inside me, I will be in total darkness. Because it is, isn’t it? It’s a very cold, cold place…”

Alice, looking at the light from the small window, seemed to have lost her power by speaking her honest feelings, and she seemed to have become smaller than when she first came to space.

I said to her, “Let’s go to that place of light together. But in order to do so, you have to recharge your love. I need to love not only myself but also Alice’s soul, which has been damaged by her reincarnation, and repair her wounds. Once her soul’s power is restored, she will surely be able to return to where she was.”

Alice replied honestly, “Yes. Alice answered honestly, “Yes.

If she could just be honest again, it would be easy to recharge her batteries.

I said to Alice, “Well, let’s recite the spell together to recharge your batteries.” I said with a smile, and Alice looked surprised and asked, “What?” I said with a smile.

Don’t worry, it’s not such a difficult spell. It’s a very simple spell. But it is very effective. I love you, Alice, my soul, the universe, everything! I love you! I love you.

Is that really the best you can do?

You may think it is such a simple incantation, but it is what the Japanese call a “word spirit. In Japan, it has been said that words have spiritual power, an invisible power. And indeed, words do have power, not only in Japan, but in the whole universe. Words are heavy and powerful, so they take longer than thoughts, but they have the power to make a big difference.

I see. I understand.”

Saying that, Alice and I began to chant the spell over and over again.

Then the small window that had been glowing before disappeared, and a dark tunnel-like object appeared.

Alice and I were sucked into it, and we were taken deeper and deeper into the jet blackness.