Going to a power spot shrine for the first time in a long time

Takibaramiya Shrine ‣パワースポット:Mystical energy

The other day, which was a national holiday, I went to Takibaramiya Shrine, a shrine known as the original Ise of Oise-san, for the first time in many years.

It is said that this place is called Zero Jiba, a shrine filled with energy, though it is invisible to the eye.

Perhaps this is why some of the trees in the shrine have grown twisted.

I just love the Ki here and go often.

It had been a long time since I had been there, but as soon as I approached the entrance to the shrine, it was obvious that the ch’i was completely different.Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

Perhaps it was because the shrine was filled with so much ch’i, but when I went to the Mitarashi River to wash my hands, for some reason it was full of people.

There were about 20 people standing around, but the place was not that big, so to be clear, they were in the way.

I don’t know if they are receiving some kind of Ki or waiting for something to come down, but I think that even if they receive good Ki on the spot, things will not go well if they are standing there without thinking of the trouble they will cause.

I visited the temple without incident and took a rest on a chair by the approach.

Whenever I visit this shrine, I always sit in a chair for about 30 minutes to receive Ki and leave.

This probably helped because the headache that had been painful since the day before was lessened.

I went there this time to get some inspiration, but as of the present time I have not come down to anything yet.

Well, that’s about it.( ̄▽ ̄)