The habit is to assume ⁈

way of saying ‣心:Heart

Are there words that you say unconsciously when there is nothing to say?

The person’s habit of speaking represents past feelings.

The other day I had a client who, if anything, would say, “I’m angry.” I had a client who would say.

But he told me that he would say to himself and to his children that he is easily offended by the slightest thing, even though there is almost no chance that the person is currently offended by someone else.

The client also felt stressed just by having people in the house, even though nothing should be wrong.

As a result of our exploration together to find out where this psychology came from, we found that a childhood trauma was still lingering in the back of his mind.

The reason why I write that it remained in the back of the mind is because the causative trauma itself had been healed two or three times and was so scarred that the client himself does not care about it now.

However, the subconscious mind was still talking about the results of the fear from past wounds, even though the conscious mind no longer cared.

This made me think that behind the words we casually say on a daily basis, there may be hidden thoughts from the past that we are not even aware of.