Meet Aura-Soma

オーラソーマと出会う ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

Aura-Soma has schools that offer only counseling and certification courses that enable students to do counseling.

I looked online to find out where to find schools that offer certification courses. It was.

After researching, I found three or four schools that offer certification courses in locations that I could go to.

※At that time (about 20 years ago), I was able to find a school offering certification courses because I still lived in the city, but there were almost no schools offering Aura-Soma certification courses in rural areas, and many people had to go to Tokyo or other cities to take certification courses.

Among them, there was a school with a good atmosphere on its website, and I decided to contact the school to get an explanation of course content, fees, and course schedule.

The school where I went to hear the explanation was a room in a retro building called a bildungsroman in the city.

The view of the room that unfolded when the door was opened was a stylish space that blended one floor of white wooden flooring with Italian furniture.

I was a little surprised to see the world that opened up when I opened the door.Σ(´∀`;)

The teacher inside was a beautiful woman with a gentle atmosphere and a unique air about her.

In a friendly manner, he said, “Hello~.” and gently guided me to a sofa in the back.

As soon as I sat down on the couch, I only remember being hot and sweating like crazy, partly because it was summer, partly because I was so stylish and nervous, partly because I was fat… and partly because I was so (´・ω・`)

So, I am sure that I was given a detailed explanation of Aura-Soma and various other things about the course, but I have almost no recollection of it.(;・∀・)

Well, I had almost decided to go to the course before I went, so I thought it would depend on the schedule of the course, the price, and the teacher who would be teaching it.

I didn’t have that many questions, so after about 20 minutes of explanation, I said, “I’ll think about it and get back to you.” I left the school saying, “I’ll think about it and get back to you.