The Mystery of Karma⑯: Soul Thoughts

thought ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

As I wrote in the last issue, if the soul has some feelings and is repeatedly reincarnating, it will be made of regret that it was unable to fulfill some event that occurred during the process of reincarnation.

And in that regret, there are always negative feelings in the soul related to love, such as regret, frustration, sadness, pain, suffering, loneliness, and loneliness.

When I resolved the karma of one of my clients, I saw the very life of a soul that is repeatedly reincarnating for the sake of wanting love.

The soul memory that came into view was a boy silently chopping wood alone in the basement of a castle.

I asked him, “Why are you chopping wood all by yourself?” I asked him.

When I asked him, he replied, “Because when I finish chopping this wood, I will meet my mother.

When I asked him where his mother was, he answered, “On top of this castle.

He answered, “On top of this castle.

His mother hated her son even though he was the owner of the castle, and she used her love for him to get him to chop wood and told him that he would not see her until he finished chopping wood.

But instead of decreasing the amount of firewood, he says, it never decreased as it was brought from one place to the next, and he has not seen his mother for a long time.

Even after resolving the above karma, for some reason the client said, “I feel like I have had many lifetimes where my mother hated me.”

Upon closer examination, we found that the client’s soul had reincarnated many times in search of a mother who loved her.

However, he always chose a mother who was similar to the type of mother who hated him, so he ended up repeatedly reincarnating with the end result that he ended up “unloved by his mother” each time.

The client’s mother was not the type of mother who would see and love the client herself, but the type of mother who wanted to be loved herself.

So when she saw her past life, she cried and said, “I’m such an idiot. But, as we have seen in other cases, it is often the case that people are attracted to people who have the same kind of energy as the person they want to love.

In the present life, we sometimes become friends with people who have the same energy as our parents in love.

In this way, we may say that the soul is “reincarnating in search of love.