Memories of unpleasant sensations

memory2 ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

When I tried to analyze the reason why a vague memory of my baby days appeared even though I was looking at the reason why I was born, I found that it was as if a vague feeling of “I don’t like something” had settled and remained deep in my mind while my emotions had not yet formed as a full-fledged person.

I really don’t like it.” That’s all there is to it.

So is it a negative emotion? I ask, it is not negative, but it is really more of a sensation than an emotion, which is a better word to describe it.

I thought that there was something vaguely sensual that remained in my mind, and that perhaps because I was still a baby and my soul’s sense of this life was closer to my previous life as a time line than this life, I felt a kind of discomfort about having an unpleasant sensation in my soul.

Therefore, the person himself (consciousness) does not think anything about the memories that come out.
(Because he/she had even forgotten about it…)

But I think that the depths of my heart (unconsciousness), which is close to my soul, did not think it was a good idea to be uncomfortable.

So I believe that with the healing, they wanted me to release the uncomfortable feeling that sits in front of the door between the past life and the present life, so they brought it out as a memory.

And when we actually released the unpleasant sensations that came up as memories, everyone felt a little clearer inside.