What is my power? ①

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Various things happen every day, and various messages are being sent out to stir up a sense of anxiety.

But while there are many messages that amplify anxiety, there are few that ask, “How can we solve this problem? The current situation is that there are not enough people who are asking, “How can we solve this problem?

While it is important to be prepared for disasters, they do not always come when you are at home.

Rather than worrying about a disaster that could come at any moment, I think it is more important to think about how you can live your life and how you can enhance your life at the present time. I think it is more important to think about how you can live your life in the present and how you can enrich your life.

Because when something goes wrong, it is “my power” that I can rely on.

This is because you need to make sure that you have strength, not only mental strength, but also knowledge and physical health, so that you can move when the time comes.

This is not to say that they do not cooperate with others.

It is human beings who need to have the strength to cooperate with others.

Many of us would like to help someone in the midst of anxiety and confusion.

However, if you want to help someone, you cannot help someone unless you are first ready to help yourself at any time.

Helping yourself also does not mean working hard alone.

It will also help you to be able to say to those around you, “Help me! It is also a way to help yourself.

So what exactly is one’s power? This is the question.

In my next article, I will write about what I consider to be my power.