How do I stabilize my daily life?

Balance ‣哲学:philosophy

In a conversation with a client a long time ago, I asked him what it takes to stabilize our daily lives. and my answer to that question was a balance of four things.

  1. money
  2. physical strength
  3. time
  4. mental capacity

The first “money” should be enough that you can live without having to strain yourself.

2, “physical fitness,” is a state of physical fitness to the extent that I would return to it after a day’s sleep.

The third “time” is time to do what you want to do, such as your hobbies as well as your work.

4, “room in the mind,” because a lack of room in the mind means an imbalance in any of the three above.

In this light, the heart is probably the most important thing.

At first glance, the four items do not appear to be connected, but they are all invisibly connected.

If you don’t have money, you force yourself to work to earn money, and you lose energy.
Working means cutting down on your precious time.
Also, trying to work for money when you don’t have the physical strength to do so can cause stress and harm your health.
If you have no time for yourself or your physical and mental condition deteriorates, you will be in a state where you cannot afford to lose your mind.
When your mind is in a state of lack, you may try to relieve stress by spending money, or you may end up having to spend money to heal your body.

Thus, a vicious cycle occurs.

So we have to cut this vicious circle somewhere to bring it to a stable state on a daily basis.

But if you want to balance the four, you have to know yourself to be able to balance them.

Money: How much money do I need to live on?
Physical fitness: How much physical fitness do I have? How long will it take me to regain my strength if I push myself a little too hard?
Time: How much stress do I feel when I don’t have time for something? And what is my pace?
Mental Capacity: What do I feel when I start to feel or take action, and when I start to take action, do I feel a lack of mental capacity?

I believe that first understanding one’s own condition above would be the axis on which one can stabilize one’s life.