Why you want to make money but can’t act on it.

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Many of us have wished for more money even though we are not satisfied with our current lifestyle.

Certainly, there are more things you can do with money.

Also due to high prices, social networking sites are full of various information on how to make money, including side jobs.

So I think they are even more deceived and think “I want to make money” or “I need to make more money” even though they are not in need of money at the moment.

Most people just think but do not actually act.

The reason why they do not act is because their motivation (purpose) for wanting to make money is weak.

People don’t move just because they have money. People don’t move just because they have money.

Whenever a person decides to do something, he or she needs a motive (purpose), and when it comes to making money, he or she needs a strong motive (purpose).

As the saying goes, “continuity is power,” and a strong motivation (purpose) is first necessary to continue anything.

Because, to take action, one must devote one’s time and effort to achieve the goal, and without a strong motivation (purpose), people will not be able to move continuously.

Which would you rather spend on your hobbies, watching TV or watching your phone, or spending time on your hobbies, or spending time on your hobbies because you don’t know if you can make money or not?

Most people are unable to continue working to make money because their motivation (purpose) is weaker than they think, so they think halfway through.