Aura-Soma courses (3)

Aura-Soma courses3 ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

The Level 1 Aura-Soma course was mostly about color.

But Aura-Soma had a rule that you could not give counseling to others just by taking Level 1.

So if I wanted to provide counseling to others, I had to take Level 2.

As I was taking the Aura-Soma course for my job, I would be in trouble if I could not counsel, so by the time the Level 1 course was over, I had decided to take Level 2 immediately.

I decided to take Level 2, not only because I wanted to do counseling, but also because my curiosity had been heightened by my exposure to the world of color and to a world I had never seen before.

By the time I took Level 2, I could see visible signs of a spiritual boom in Japan.

At this time, the number of students coming to take Aura-Soma courses in my classroom had increased to the point where there were about 10 people coming to take courses on holidays.

Spiritual events also began to be held in the Kansai region, and the invisible world began to attract attention.

By the end of Level 1, I had already applied for Level 2.

I’m impatient.( ̄▽ ̄)

Unlike in Level 1, the Level 2 weekday classes were almost exclusively people of the same age group.

Why didn’t they meet at level 1, they were all attending holiday courses.

However, there were a lot of people in the holiday classes, and people of the same age group who work different shifts seemed to be able to combine holiday and weekday classes.

The people I took the Level 2 course with became good friends, probably because we were the same age!

Also, everyone was normal? It is strange to say, but all of them were not spiritual people, so I have memories of going out for dinner with them when the course was over.

As of now, almost 20 years have passed since this time, and I still keep in touch with some people from time to time, so I think that fate is a strange thing.