Healing that felt real.

Light Energyスピリチュアルの世界【spiritual-world】

The previous healing teacher I had received was also a man, and the energy healing teacher I was referred to this time was also a man.

I am in the healing business, but I had only received one energy healing itself the last time, and had never received any others, so what I would be doing was completely unknown to me.

When I went to the designated place on that day, the healing began in a slightly darkened room with the doctor sitting on a chair, a woman translator sitting next to him at a little distance, and me sitting diagonally in front of him, about 1 meter away from his face.

And as soon as the healing began, he said something I never expected to hear.

You are performing your own uniquely created healing.”

When people who do spiritual work see energy, they see the energy of the teacher behind the person themselves.”

But there is no one behind you. You can see that you created it yourself. It’s good.”

These words were said to me out of the blue.

What surprised me was that I remembered saying my occupation, but I didn’t say anything else about what I was healing or anything else, but he guessed it was me.

I was so surprised by this while having the healing done that I still remember it more than 15 years later.

As a result, this doctor’s healing was like an energy regulating healing, including my chakras, and giving me advice from time to time if I needed it.

They also recorded our conversation during the healing, and we were told that we could play it back and listen to it over and over again if necessary, to gain new insights.

After this healing, I was told that it would take 48 hours for the energy to settle down (and that I might get a headache), so I rested the next day instead of working.

And in my mind, I felt like I had met for the first time someone who was truly capable, although it is strange to say genuine.