Meet the Gods of Japan

Japanese deity ‣スピリチュアル体験:Spiritual Experience

It was the end of September and Aomori was already cold.

The day before, I flew to Aomori and went to Mutsu City, where Mr. Kimura lives.

On the day of the reservation, we had a cab called at the hotel in the morning to take us to Mr. Kimura’s house.

Mr. Kimura’s house is not a mansion or anything like that, but a regular big country house.

I remember there was a piece of paper to write down what I wanted to discuss with them as I walked in the door, and I remember writing down again what I wanted to discuss on the paper and putting it out somewhere.

There was a waiting room, but it looked like a clinic waiting area.

I was wondering if there was someone helping him, but it seemed as if Mr. Kimura was doing everything himself.

Perhaps it was because we arrived just after the registration desk opened that our turn came around early and we met Mr. Kimura.

And before I conclude, there was no clear answer from God.

They just didn’t even deny it.

Mr. Kimura told us, “If you are going to work as a healer, you should acquire knowledge.

He also gave me advice on what specific knowledge I should acquire.

I took these words as an affirmation.

I thought it was a matter of having to gain knowledge to keep going.

Another thing he told me was to “lose my stubbornness.

I think they wanted us to learn to be flexible.

We talked about the consultation for about five minutes, and then we left Mr. Kimura’s house after talking for about 20 minutes about something completely unrelated.

The consultation fee, by the way, was not fixed.
It was up to the consultant to decide how much to pay.