Mystery of Karma (7): You can’t choose where you reincarnate.

The Mystery of Karma7 ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

Each of the three souls is a conversation between me and a soul that has memories of its own life before it was conceived in the belly of its mother.

This is a conversation that actually happened, but it is clear that not everyone was born wanting to be reincarnated on their own.

The soul of (1) was watching from the sky as the person who would become his mother was eating sushi at a sushi restaurant.
(At this point, his mother’s stomach was flat.)

Soul: “I’m going to live with this person.”
I said, “How do you know? Did someone tell you?”
Soul: “No, but I feel it.”
I “How does that make you feel?”
Soul: “Not happy, not anxious, not excited, not afraid.”
Me “Do you want to live with these parents?”
Soul: “Uhhhh… I don’t know. I don’t know.”
Me “Didn’t you want to come here?”
Soul: “I was here when I realized. Why did I come here?”
Me “Do you remember before you came here?”
Soul: “It was like a soap bubble popped and then I just appeared here.

The soul of (2) is in the form of a baby on a cloud. And it felt like it was being spanked by a hand coming out of somewhere to be pushed.

Soul: “I was struck and fell.”
I “Didn’t you really want to be reborn?”
Soul “I…” It waddled away quickly.
Me “You didn’t want to be born again, did you?”
Soul: “When you are born, you feel like you are going to die.”
I “It’s okay.”
Soul: “I want to stay above the clouds, I want to go back to that place!
(I look above the clouds and see what still looks like the hand that knocked the soul off.)
Soul: “I’m still going to the hand.” and moves to the cloud
Soul: “If I go toward the hand, I will be repelled terribly…” (The soul is being pushed back.) The soul says, “I can’t go back…”.
Soul: “I can’t go back…”

The souls of (3) were looking down from above at their parents in the house.

Soul: “I don’t know why I’m here.”
Me: “Why are you watching?”
Soul: “I see what people are doing, but I don’t enjoy it.”
Me, “What’s going to happen now?”
Soul: “I don’t know. I don’t know where I came from, where I’m going, what’s going to happen to me.
Me: “Do you feel lost?”
Soul: “I don’t know, but maybe.”
Soul: “I’m always anxious and afraid.”
Soul: “I don’t want to be here. I want to go somewhere different.

I think the soul of (1) will go on living with the people it can see, in a somewhat unknowable way.

The soul in (2) doesn’t really want to be born, but is not allowed to return, so it feels like it has no choice but to accept its current situation.

The soul of (3) came here without knowing what to expect and is fighting the fear and anxiety of not knowing what will happen to them.

As you can see from the conversations with these three souls, they have not chosen to reincarnate on their own.

And the souls (1) and (3) are reincarnating without knowing what they are going to do.

However, only the soul in (2) says, “I don’t want to be reborn. I felt that way from our conversation.

I felt so from the conversation, so I decided to solve the mystery of why the soul tries to run away from reincarnation. I decided to solve the mystery of why the soul tries to run away from reincarnation.