Mystery of Karma(6): Thoughts of the Soul

reincarnation1 ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

In the mystery of the soul, you write that the soul has no right to choose to reincarnate or not reincarnate, but does the soul that is reincarnated into the universe have any will?

It is often said in Japan that the reason why souls reincarnate is to gain soul experience and improve their soul level.

Some people also say that the universe is collecting the experiences of souls in order to evolve more.

The truth is that only the universe knows.

As we resolve karma by recalling more and more memories of soul degeneration from the present human soul to resolve karma, various soul thoughts emerge in the process.

I think that as the soul reincarnates and gains experience, it develops some kind of will or, to put it more simply, some kind of emotion.

(By the way, many people think that all newborn souls are in a state of “nothingness,” nothingness, nothingness, but in fact there are many souls who are not.)

And when the soul reincarnates and develops feelings and experiences hurt in the place of reincarnation, it is found that the soul still thinks, “I don’t want to be born again, I don’t want to be reincarnated.

But as I have said many times, the soul has no right to reincarnate or not reincarnate, so it is the fate of the soul to be forced to reincarnate.