Reading book: Divination as an education for the world’s business elite

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The author is not just a fortune teller, but also went to college and became a certified career consultant in order to find a more practical and systematic way to give advice from fortune telling.

The first half of the book is about a fortune teller who primarily practices Western astrology, and why the so called business elite go for invisible things such as fortune telling. The first half of the book is about why the business elite go to invisible things such as fortune-telling.
The second half of the book explains not only Western astrology, but also the details of each type of fortune telling and what kind of fortune telling is best at what time.

I bought this book because I happened to see it at a bookstore and thought it looked interesting.

The author’s profile suggests that he studied spiritual matters, but seeing that spirituality is not the main focus of his work, I assume that he must have had something on his mind and settled on a career as a fortune teller.

I was also impressed that he wrote that fortune-telling is “advice, not prophecy.
I think these are the words of an author who went to university to study and wants to give advice for the benefit of others.

When I think about it, when I do crystal readings, I mainly give advice.
Unfortunately, however, there are fewer people than you think who can or do something about it with advice.
To put it simply, the ability to think, the ability to make decisions, and the ability to take action are the three things that make a person a business elite.
So, advice is good.

But the reality is that there are not that many people in the world who are like the business elite.
Most people understand the advice in their heads, but many are unable to do anything about it.
I felt this dilemma and created Inner Heart Healing.
I want people who want to change their lives and change their lives to be able to really change.
But I think this is not only a problem in Japan, it is a common problem all over the world, so I am hoping that I can do something good through this blog.