Soul Mystery ②: Do soul mates exist?

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Soul mates do exist.

The reason I can say this is that in the process of resolving karma, I found a soulmate who is involved in a relationship in this life.

So, I’m not sure if the client has a good relationship with his/her soulmate or not… Holy cow!

But among the clients who are looking at past lives, I have only found one soulmate.

Given that, I would think that it would be difficult to truly meet a soulmate.

Also, do all souls have soul mates? I would guess that only about 20% of souls have soul mates, because souls reincarnating in the universe tend to act alone.

This is because souls incarnating in the universe tend to act alone.

Also, many souls reincarnated on earth have died and reincarnated before growing up as adults, as can be seen from the past historical background.

So I believe that not many souls have had time to make a fateful connection with another soul.

So soul mates do not exist for everyone.

But on the contrary, it is possible to create a soulmate in this life for the next life.

In that sense, I think it would be better for me to find a partner in this life with whom I can help each other even if we meet in the next life than to search for a soulmate in this life.