Mystery of Karma (5): Mystery of the Soul

Mystery of the Soul ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

As I wrote last time, I do not believe that the basic soul itself has the right to choose the things it reincarnates.

This is because, in tracing the client’s past life karma, there are some souls who did not want to be born.

I am not sure if this is true worldwide, but in Japanese spiritual circles, it is said that “children are born choosing their parents.

Do you actually have any memories of the little child before it was born? and other questions, and it seems to have come to be thought of as such based on those memories and other factors.

However, as I have written before, do all children really choose their own parents?

I am a skeptic about everything, so I consider a child who can answer questions about his/her memories before birth to be a child who has grown up in a privileged family.

Because I believe that children of parents who are called toxic parents would not even be asked such a question.

And when it comes to parents and children who are willing to collaborate on research and papers, we assume that the parents are spiritual parents, but we don’t think it’s a family that denies or neglects its children.

On the contrary, all the people I am resolving past life karma with are adults.

They are people who have lived with various forms of emotional scars from their upbringing.

For those people, do they really choose their parents to be born? The question is always, “Are you really born with the right parents?

They are not as pure as children, but they are realistic adults who grew up in an environment where they cannot have strange imaginations or fantasies.

Because they are realistic people, I do not believe I am lying in the image that has connected my soul and come out.

This is because the content of the karma being resolved is too unrealistic or inconceivable to be creative.

And the reason I think it is most believable is because the way I see your images is similar, even though the destination of the soul is different when all past life karma is resolved.

By the way, most of the clients do not know each other, so they cannot talk to each other, etc.

I also know that the results are always different between people who know each other, so I can’t really make them talk to each other.

I mean, there is no need to pay to lie in the first place.

We decided to work with these clients to see how their daily lives would change if they resolved their karma, and how their heart and soul connections would change.