The story of my spiritual abilities (iii)

psychic power3 ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

The reason I go all the way to a particular shrine like that is for purification.

Not too long ago I used to go to the shrine without thinking much about it, but I realized this when I was talking to a customer not too long ago.

What I realized was that I was used to and tolerant of the yin chi.

I have previously mentioned that the town where I was born and raised has many temples and shrines, but along with them are the flower and drinking districts.

Hanamachi and drinking areas are places where people drop their shadowy chi.

The presence of a temple or shrine there means that it is also a place where yin qi gathers strongly (temple), and a place built to purify yin qi (shrine).

Having grown up in a place with such strong Yin energy, I am tolerant of Yin energy, but I am also a poor purifier.

I have no trouble living a normal life, but my work is as a healer.

It is our job to exorcise, purify, and erase the darkness (yin qi) in people’s hearts.

Therefore, since we receive so much yin qi every day, we unconsciously accumulate too much of it, and a little physical and mental purification does not help.

Therefore, about once every few months, we consciously go to a shrine with strong yang qi to purify ourselves.
(A yang qi shrine is a shrine where the deity is a mountain or surrounded by trees.)

I used to go to shrines unconsciously to purify myself until not so long ago, but after talking with customers, I understood something like my constitution, and now I go there consciously.

In case you are wondering, when I accumulate too much evil, I get cold-like symptoms such as a fever due to a depressed immune system.

Only then do you realize that it’s building up.(;・∀・)