Thoughts & Emotions: Sapphire

Sapphire ‣クリスタルリーディング:Crystal Reading

Sapphire is a gemstone? You may think so, but sapphire, which is not as transparent as gemstones, is sold as a power stone, along with emerald, which I wrote about earlier.

Sapphire is highly effective in calming emotions and is said to improve negative emotions such as mood swings as well as anger.

It is also said to enhance intellectual activity and aesthetics, giving people the power to engage in positive activities.

Sapphire is also said to work on spirituality, purifying the soul, enhancing spirituality, and protecting the owner from evil energy.

It is also said to catch opportunities and fateful encounters and ensure that the owner will be able to catch them.

If a crystal reading shows that I need sapphires, I have two readings.

One needs objectivity.

He said the other one needs to be studied.

Sapphire is a power stone that gives us the ability to see things calmly.

If a sapphire appears on it, we read that the client is now caught up in something and is not calm about things.

In that case, Sapphire tells us that we need to look at our current situation and condition objectively.

When we read that there is a need to study again, it comes up when the client needs to gain some knowledge to get out of or change their current situation.

Sapphire is a power stone that brings calmness and intelligence, so if you are easily emotional or obsessed with things, you should have it worn.