The best way to relieve stress is to stop thinking.

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I believe stress occurs when there is an imbalance between thoughts and emotions.

In a situation where you are not satisfied with your feelings, but there is nothing you can do about it, and you are desperately trying to come up with excuses for yourself, stress builds up.

So the best way to avoid generating stress is to not think about it.

But it is human beings who cannot think about nothing.

So the fastest way to relieve stress is to move your body and avoid focusing on feelings you don’t agree with.

People often eat something to relieve stress, but they are temporarily stopping their thinking by the act of eating.

However, stress relief from eating is not recommended because one wrong move can lead to overeating and create new stress.

When people are thinking about something, their actions (body) unconsciously stop.

Because moving while thinking is dangerous.

So the act of moving puts you in a state where you cannot concentrate on your thoughts, which results in making it harder to think of excuses for your feelings toward yourself.

So exercise and movement will be the quickest way to relieve stress.

Emotions are linked to the heart, so basically we only see the present, which is called the here and now.

So it will be something that will naturally be forgotten over time.

But thinking does not work that way.

Thoughts look to the past and the future.

And the thoughts are negative.

So it is a world where looking at past and future unpleasant things with thoughts does not produce any good results.

So no matter how many emotional appeals you make with your thoughts, you will never get a restful result.

Then I believe that moving my body as quickly as possible, even for one second, to divert my consciousness from the feelings I am currently unconvinced of, will be more effective in relieving stress.