Thoughts & Emotions: Turquoise

Turquoise ‣クリスタルリーディング:Crystal Reading

Turquoise, shining in sky blue, is said to protect you on your journey, and that journey is said to be your life’s journey.

Turquoise is said to detect danger and take the owner’s place against misfortune and danger.

It is also said to help control emotions and provide calm judgment and intelligence, thus putting the brakes on any action to avoid overreacting.

It is also said to have the power to bring courage, motivation, and energy, and to lead us to happiness.

Although turquoise has versatile power, there are two readings that can be taken if a crystal reading comes up as necessary.

The first reads as stressful.

However, this stress is not stress from others, but reads as a state of self-inflicted stress.

The second way to read it is that you are under stress from others but are unable to defend yourself against it.

When you read it as an unprotectable condition, the power stone Red Jasper comes up as necessary along with turquoise.

Turquoise is said to have a strong power to protect people from danger, such as travelers, but I feel that turquoise is actually more powerful in protecting and relieving stress.

Because travel, including life, is stressful.

Stress occurs naturally in everyday life.

The stress you put on yourself is enormous, especially if you are acting to do something new.

It is turquoise that eases such stress and gives us the power of courage and motivation.

However, turquoise is not powerful enough to relieve the stress of an overstressed state, so it is better to have chrysocolla if stress has really built up.

But when you take action to start something new on your own, turquoise will be the power stone that will help you.