What does noticing change?

noticing change? ‣心:Heart

As the saying goes, “To change others, start with yourself.” By becoming aware, you will change yourself.

When people become aware, they unconsciously change their behavior and speech.

As a result, the surroundings will seem different.

As your unconscious actions and words and deeds change, those around you will naturally adjust to the present moment.

As a result, the awareness of the present moment changes.

As your awareness changes, your aura, mood, and even your facial expression will begin to change.

By becoming aware of yourself, you will also become aware of things that you have been casually passing over, and you will be able to seize opportunities.

This would result in better luck.

As your luck improves, you will become more confident in yourself.

To be “aware” on a daily basis leads to a significant change in the self.