Love is what you make it.

Make Love心のうち【inner-world-of-the-heart】

Unfortunately, as adults, we have to make our own love.

I’ll love myself.”

It is easy to say in words, but I believe that many people are unable to do this.

When you grow up and someone tells you “I love you” or “I love you,” it is fine at the time, but if you feel a lack of love in your heart, you will soon lack it.

As an adult, I find it difficult to have the love of my heart filled with the love of others.

Because how can I satisfy my heart? How can I fill my heart with love? I think it is faster to satisfy (love) your own heart by yourself than to rely on others.

But there is one important thing you can do to satisfy yourself.

That is, “I know and understand myself.

Some of you may be thinking, “Oh, that’s just it,” but this sounds simple, but it is incredibly difficult.

Because there are many things that cannot be verbalized.

Food likes and dislikes can be easily verbalized.

But what is sensed is difficult to verbalize.

And why do we feel that way about sensory things? There is no such reason.

It’s all a feeling of the individual mind.

However, there are many people who ignore their own senses and are in tune with their surroundings.

If such things are repeated, the result will be that the mind and body will be destroyed.