What I decided when I became a healer.

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When I first entered the world of spirituality, I felt the fees were too high.

It is true that if you use your own energy and get paid for it, it may be understandable that it would be expensive, but as I entered the spiritual world by a kind of accident, my honest feeling was, “The fees are so high everywhere…”.

So for my part, I wanted people in need to feel free to come to me, so I was offering healing at a conscientious price.

I won’t say the price, but it was at a level that would surprise anyone who knows the market!( ̄▽ ̄)

I think this made it easier for the customers who came to the restaurant to introduce it to their friends.

Also, although the brochure stated a time limit of 30 to 60 minutes depending on the content of the session, we wanted the clients who came to leave feeling comfortable and healed, so we kept a two-hour slot per person, regardless of the content of the session.

Why two hours? You may think, “Why two hours?” But when people want to talk until they are satisfied, want to hear what the problem is, and want to leave with a clear mind, the conversation naturally takes longer.

There may be a system of extension fees, but I’m not a fortune teller, and when I’m doing a healing, I’m not going to say, “It’s time!” or “Do you want an extension? I would not like it if I were a client, and if I was not good at it, I would lose everything I had healed up to that point.

However, some people who called to make an appointment said, “I heard that you could listen to me for two hours…” I didn’t want them to think that was the result and not the main thing, so I politely? I had to politely decline.

So even though the reservations were full, the number of people who could have a session was actually limited.

The fee has changed for a number of reasons, but the two-hour slot is still available.