Door to the Heart 4

door to one's heart(4) ‣心:Heart

There is more than one door to the heart.

There are many doors to the heart.

When performing heart healing, we look for a door that is relatively easy to open.

If you try to open a door that is difficult to open from the beginning, the mind will resist.

Because the customer’s heart does not trust me, etc.

A heart that has been hurt and denied so many times does not open so easily.

To close the door of the heart is to avoid being hurt, but it is also to hide the hurtful wounds.

So vigilance is stronger than you think.

How many times can therapy and healing make you better! I will remove blocks in your thinking! etc. I wonder where that confidence comes from.

Even if you change your superficial awareness, if your fundamental subconscious mind is not changed, you will just change your behavior patterns and do the same thing again.

But when behavior patterns change, it is hard to tell because what they are doing fundamentally the same does not appear to be different.

So as a result of healing, etc., I think I feel as if I have changed.

However, the ratio of conscious to subconscious is said to be 1:9.

If that is the case, then I believe that we cannot truly change without changing the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind of 1, but the subconscious mind of 9.