The habit is to assume ⁈

Are there words that you say unconsciously when there is nothing to say? The person's habit of speaking represents past Read More...

It takes time to get people to open up.

There was a day when I felt again that it takes time to get people to open their hearts to the lonely hearts that thoughRead More...

How to face yourself (2)

I write (or type) my thoughts on a piece of paper or in a notebook and ask myself, "What am I thinking?" It makes no senRead More...

What is facing yourself?

Self-help, spirituality, and even religious books often say, "It is important to face yourself," but as someone who has Read More...

What is the soul?

I am talking about the soul and what role it plays for human beings when we think of the existence of a thing called theRead More...
‣インナーハートヒーリング:Inner Heart Healing

Can you hear your heart?

In ordinary life, if you ask yourself, "Why was I born to those parents?" I believe that most of us will not get any ansRead More...

Door to the Heart 4

There is more than one door to the heart. There are many doors to the heart. When performing heart healing, we look for Read More...

Inner Heart Healing (7)

I know the mind is hazy, but why does the body feel so bad? I think there are many people who think that. The most commoRead More...

Inner Heart Healing (2)

Healing the Heart." It is easy to say in words, but in reality it is hard work. The wounds that the heart shows us are fRead More...