Heartbreak leads to self-denial.

emotional scars ‣心:Heart

Memories and imprints that are engraved in the innocent mind create more powerful beliefs than one might think.

If it is a good memory or imprint, it is good, but a bad memory or imprint is a drag when trying to move forward in life.

Have you ever tried to do something, but when you tried to do it, memories of the past came back and you couldn’t act?

Bad memories and imprinting create anxiety and fear in the mind.

People fear more than anything else that their hearts will be hurt.

Therefore, if you have been hurt by an action once, and you try to do the same thing, your mind will remind you of the old hurt and try to stop you from doing it.

To not be hurt in the same way again.

But humans have a will.

When a heartbreak tries to stop you from acting, if your will is strong enough, it will shake you out of it and make you act.

If what you have acted on through willpower works, a scab will form over the old emotional scars.

This is a success story.

Once the scab of success is formed, the original emotional wounds are healed, and the mind will not stop trying to do the same thing afterwards.

But when old emotional scars remind them of the past, most people give up, unable to act.

It is the thought that comes up at this time.

Thoughts are good at seeing the past and the future.

The thoughts will think of excuses for not acting toward the future to protect the mind.

Excuses to myself.

However, thoughts are negative in nature, so excuses to oneself are absolutely negative.

As negative excuses increase, people become more anxious and fearful, and they become afraid to act and deny themselves.