What is Inner Heart Healing?

What is Inner Heart Healing?ヒーラーへの道【the-way-to-healer】

What is Inner Heart Healing? I think many of you have read and wondered.

Inner Heart Healing is a healing to return to your true self.

It is “a healing to help me be honest with my heart.

It might be easier to say “healing to return to one’s own axis.

People realize that they are different from others in the environment in which they grow up.

It would be fine if you grew up in an environment where you felt that you could be yourself, but if you grew up in an environment where you did not feel that way, you would live your life not on your own axis but on the axis of others.

What will people think of me?” become the center of their lives, and many of them are unable to live their true lives.

However, since we live in an information society today, we are told in various places on social networking sites and in books that we should not worry about what others think, that we should live on our own axis, and that we should live a life that is comfortable for us.

But I wonder how many are actually able to do it.

There is a saying in Japanese, “It is easier said than done,” and even though we all know it in our heads, when asked, “Can you actually do it? I believe that everyone knows this in his or her head, but when asked, “Can you actually do it?

I think that many people don’t even question what they can’t do because what they can’t do is normal.

Most people let it slide lightly, thinking, “It’s hard when you actually do it.

But the reason we can’t do it is the way we were raised.

People who have not had their self affirmed by their parents or other adults around them while growing up become other-oriented.

Inner Heart Healing is a way to move from such a state of being on the axis of others to becoming on the axis of oneself.