When the mind asks the body for help

mind and body心のうち【inner-world-of-the-heart】

When the mind thinks, “I can’t help it anymore,” the person to turn to for help is the body.

Since the mind’s voice is not reaching the consciousness and the thoughts are in a state of bombardment, the mind asks the body to stop the body from doing what the thoughts want any more.

The result is physical and mental discomfort.

But the question here is whether or not you can take good care of yourself when you have to take a break due to physical or mental illness.

Most people would rather deny themselves and drive themselves away than work on themselves.

I am pathetic, I am pathetic, why am I….

Your mind and body are screaming, but you still can’t work on yourself.

People who have been raised without affirmation of their own identity since childhood unconsciously compare themselves with others and deny their own identity.

When you grow up taking hard work for granted, you deny yourself that you can’t do it.

Even though there’s nothing really wrong with it.

And if you were working hard at it, did you really want to work hard at it? Surprisingly few people are aware of the fundamental heart issue of

There are more people than you think who live their lives looking around them and assuming that this is the way it is.

However, if the environment in which you were raised was good, but if the environment was bad, your adult self will not realize that your assumptions are wrong.

Also, since they are adults, they will be in a situation where no one is there to tell them what to do.

What is right for you, what is good for you.

And I believe that people who grow up with wrong assumptions end up having a hard time expressing their feelings.