Inner Heart Healing (6)

Inner Heart Healing (6) ‣心:Heart

It takes about two weeks for the mind to be released and healed.

Do you have anything to do in the meantime?” but there is no need to do anything in the meantime.

You don’t have to say any incantations or say any words, it changes on its own and you don’t have to do anything.

But instead, the mind can become hazy and the body sick until it is healed.

The mental scars that have been assumed for years are just like the scars on the body.

Because we are healing and healing a wounded state of mind that is constantly bleeding for some people, the mind will experience different symptoms of pain, tingling, poking, and itchy scabs than before.

So it is easy to be in a state of indescribable sensations and moods.

As I mentioned before, the way it comes out varies a lot from customer to customer.

Just being healed and released will certainly make it easier to feel the emotions.

The psychological trauma prevents us from doing what we used to be able to think in a thought-dominant state.

The healing of emotional wounds strengthens the power of the heart.

In this way, emotions that have been suppressed and held back by thought will naturally emerge from the body and mind.

The most common is anger.

Other people who could not say anything before can now speak out against others.

I believe that healing and releasing emotional wounds is so much about recovering one’s true self.