Increasing number of customers

guest ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

Even while we were working on the spiritual texts, we were gradually getting more and more customers.

Some of these customers came from the salon’s referral website, and they were coming to the salon at a rate of about one per month.

We started getting an average of about 10 customers each week, and some weeks as many as 20, depending on the week, and we were getting busier.

However, as the number of customers increased, we often had appointments on Saturdays and Sundays, and we wanted as many customers as possible to come, so by the time we had been in business for a year, we were working almost without a day off.

Still, I was happy to have customers, and I used to work a lot in those days….( ̄▽ ̄)

It was in this state that we finished creating the Reiki textbook and created a new page for the Reiki course on our website.

Reiki created a batch course that allows students to learn Levels 1-3 in half a day, and a course for each level that allows students to learn each level one at a time.

Also, since the reiki was not originally taught for such a high fee, we made it possible to learn it for a not-so-high price.