Reiki course begins

certificate ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

By the time I finished working on the Reiki text, I was about to enter my third year of calling myself a healer.

Until the second year, I had been using a notebook that was given to me by a vendor related to my husband, but there was not enough space to write my schedule on weekends, so I bought my first notebook to write my appointments and schedule when I started to have more customers.( ̄▽ ̄)

Once the textbooks were finished and the details of the Reiki courses were posted on the website, the low fees combined with the fact that the Reiki courses were inexpensive led to more reservations than expected.

The reiki teacher who taught me gave me a textbook for a course that covered everything from the treatment therapy of Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki, to the uses of reiki devised by various reiki healers after it spread throughout the world, which I neatly subdivided into texts for each level.

Also, the original Usui-shiki Reiki requires several attunements, but my teacher taught me how to do a Reiki attunement in one session, so I can learn Reiki without spending a long time and period of time.

Until the course began, I had thought that many people would take each level one at a time, but perhaps because it was possible to learn reiki without spending a long time and period of time, and because the fees were lower than at other places, about half of the participants took the half-day batch course from Levels 1 to 3.

And as the bookings for Reiki classes increased, so did the bookings for daily sessions.