Inner Child Healing②

Inner Child 2 ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

He was good to the customer and taught me with him how to connect to my Higher Self in a manner of channeling.

But in the end, I never used any other method at all, and here we are today.

I asked permission from another regular customer and decided to try the healing method I had been taught anyway.

I began the healing process by hand, but I found it difficult to follow the instructions as they were given to me, so I made my own arrangements as the sessions went on.

The reason why it was difficult to do things the way I was taught was because the way they came out and reacted was completely different for each client.

The clients who come to me and decide to receive healing are brought up in a snarky environment.

The snore is totally different for each person.

It was difficult to heal the wounds (inner child) from a bad family upbringing with NLP’s business skills development and other methods, and as the client who taught me said, it was necessary to be more resourceful than I had expected.

Because the inner child is strong and not gentle.

The inner child, which has cloaked itself in its own shell and protected itself in its own way in a wounded state, is not honest and stubborn.

And there is more than one shell protecting the heart.

The shell is made up of many layers, and the heartbreak is not only in one place, but in many places.

But I didn’t realize that, and I was optimistic about things when I started this healing.

He said that once some emotional wounds were healed, he would be able to finish the healing process.

But as the healing process continued, I realized that this thinking was a mistake.