Opening the L-Rod book

Dowsing L-Rod ‣ヒーラーへの道:Becoming a Healer

A dowsing book I bought at a bookstore.

But in fact, I left it alone for a while and left it in my office.

Then one day, a friend who had been with me in an Aura-Soma course decided to come visit me in my office.

We got to talking about the L-rod I bought at the bookstore at that time, and I decided to open it right then and there.

Inside are two L-rods made of stainless steel.

I held it with both hands to try it out, and for some reason it responded and moved left and right. ・・・・

When I say to my friend, “Don’t move…”, he says, “Don’t move…”, and my friend says, “Don’t move…”.

So I asked my friend, “Ask me something to answer with yes or no,” and when my friend asked the question, L-rod immediately responded and moved left and right.

I’m already amazed.(´゚д゚`)

Then I asked, “Maybe even your friend will respond?” I said, and my friend asked the same question with the L-rod, but nothing reacted….

While we were doing this, it occurred to me to ask my friend, “If I put a power stone on your hand, would it react?” I said.

Then my friend said, “Sounds fun, let’s do it!” We decided to put the power stone on our hands and see if it responded.