Inner Heart Healing (7)

Inner Heart Healing (7) ‣心:Heart

I know the mind is hazy, but why does the body feel so bad? I think there are many people who think that.

The most common characteristic of those who feel physically ill after a healing is that they have been in self-denial that they are bad.

Mind and body are connected.

People who have been convinced for years that they are to blame are putting up with themselves.

Because fundamentally, they think they are at fault, and it is natural for them to put up with things that are their fault even if they are not at fault.

But if you can imagine what it is like to endure, you can see that it takes a lot of strength out of your mind and body.

I think that putting a lot of effort into yourself and enduring is what it means to be patient.

If this is the case, the mind and body of a person who has grown up with patience as the norm for many years is unconsciously in a state of considerable force.

But no one realizes that they have that kind of power.

However, through healing, the belief that they have to endure is lifted, and they naturally relax.

By relaxing, the mind becomes more relaxed.

This makes it easier to send signs to consciousness.

My body can’t take it anymore. So let’s heal.” And.

As a result, years of fatigue come pouring out, and the physical condition worsens.