Toxic Parents, “Characteristics of Indifferent Parents.”

toxic parent2ヒーラーへの道【the-way-to-healer】

I suspect that this indifferent type is common among wealthy families.

The characteristic of this indifferent type of parent is that the basis of life is that the parent (you) is the priority, not the child.

It would be easier to understand if we talk about the type of mothers who are not mothers, but women who win.

The indifferent parent is characterized by listening to and caring for the child only when he or she feels like it.

In extreme cases, we neither praise nor get angry whether a child’s grades are good or bad.

But when it comes time to take an exam or something, they give their opinions as parents.

Also, when something happens, they tend to try to solve things with money because they only have money.

Money is a great camouflage to hide the guilt of toxic parents.

I gave them the money, so the kid will do something about it, and we’ll figure it out.” “The child will be happy to buy what he wants.” They interpret this as their own excuses.

Perhaps out of a sense of guilt, I feel that the less time parents spend with their children, the more parents who spend less time with their children, the more parents try to misuse money in their relationship with their children.

I also interpret and think that my child is a good child for being patient, giving up, and not saying anything.

Therefore, many parents are surprised and cringe when their children get into trouble because they do not know what their children are thinking or thinking or what the situation is like.