Children raised by controlling parents

control② ‣親子関係:Parent-child relationship

In a way, they become very patient adults. They are also very good at playing the good girl.

I am not good at expressing my opinions and thoughts.

So many people do not talk much or talk only about meaningless things.

Also, since they do not express their own opinions, it is easy for others to take advantage of them, interpreting their image of humanity in a convenient way, whether in a good or bad way.

This is because, since childhood, there is a part of them that is at the mercy of their parents, which means over-interference, so they tend to unconsciously follow their parents when others are strong in their favor.

Since they have been controlled by their parents since childhood, many of them still think that what their parents say is absolute in some way even as adults, and many of them ultimately try to follow what their parents say, even if they think it is wrong in their own minds.

Also, since childhood, many of them have never voluntarily done anything and taken responsibility for it, so they do not have much awareness of their own wrongdoing or being wrong.

Many of them rather think somewhere that they are great and clever because they have been doing what their parents tell them to do and have made few mistakes.

However, they are very anxious because they have not made judgments and decisions on their own, and they unconsciously depend on others by consulting and checking with those around them to see if they are right or not.

As a result, they tend to blame others if there are problems with their judgment or decisions, or if something is wrong with them.

Therefore, while many people do not know how to take responsibility or cannot take responsibility, many others are confident in strange places, resulting in an imbalance and confusion in their relationships.

Many people also do not like to be told what to do by others, so they act alone.

Many of them never had rebellious periods, and most of them are not very independent.

Many people are mentally and physically weak and tend to give an overall impression of lack of supremacy due to their own weakness.