A child raised by indifferent parents…

I'm going it alone. ‣親子関係:Parent-child relationship

What kind of adults do children raised by a type of toxic parent who is indifferent to their children become? They tend to become adults who cannot ask questions when they don’t understand something around them, cannot say what they want to say, and cannot take advantage of others.

If something goes wrong around me, I basically try to solve it by myself.

Ordinary people think that if they don’t know something, they can ask their superiors, friends, or acquaintances, but children who have often not been taught by their parents since childhood do not expect others to teach them in a kind manner.

Also, when they ask something, they are hurt if others reject them as their parents did, so the option of asking others is not in their consciousness since childhood.

Therefore, people around them tend to think that they are selfish, self-centered, scary, difficult to approach, or strong-willed.

Many people are also less cooperative and have strong egos that they have managed to do things on their own, so they dislike the type of people who spoil them.

However, in life, we often do not know or understand general or common sense things due to the fact that our parents have not taught us much since we were children.

I think I am overcoming ↑ in my own way, but many people think of themselves as inferior, so they are very reluctant to be noticed by others or to be told anything.
(So many people unconsciously put up barriers that make it difficult for others to approach them.)

And now that we have the Internet, many people try to find reassurance on the Internet if something goes wrong.