Toxic Parents, “Characteristics of Controlling Parents.”

control ‣親子関係:Parent-child relationship

I think the most common type has always been the dominant type.

The most obvious dominance type is overprotection.

Overprotective parents do everything and say everything, thinking they are protecting their children.

However, I believe that the reality of controlling parents is that they themselves do not want to be hurt or feel bad when something happens to their children, so they are really waving their children around for their own convenience.

The characteristic of a controlling parent is that they basically think that everything they say and think is right.

Therefore, no matter what the child says or complains, they talk back with their own theory without giving him or her the benefit of their thoughts.

My theory also varies, and I try to get the child to do what I want in the end, using methods such as ignoring, yelling at, or offering alternatives that the child might enjoy.

So of course I can’t communicate with my children.

But I don’t think of it as my fault, I think of it as the child’s fault for not understanding what I’m saying.

If the child tries to do something independently, you act like you are denying the child by interrupting or putting out your hand first.

And they are fond of saying, “I’m thinking of you…” or “Thinking of you…”.

If a child’s opinions or ideas do not agree with their own, they will try to prevent it by any means necessary.

This inhibition can be abusive and threatening in the worst cases.

Even if you go so far as to follow your own wishes, you will not remember much over time and will rather shift the blame to the child, converting in your brain that the child made his or her own choice.

However, the reasons for making children choose the way you want them to are not very important, and are usually for your own convenience or to satisfy your own vanity.