Inner Child Healing③

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There are several methods of inner child healing, but the most famous is probably hypnotherapy.

In Japan, the number of sessions for hypnotherapy inner child healing is usually fixed. (5 times, 7 times, etc.).

But for my part, I wondered if such a number of times would be enough to heal my heart. I had my doubts.

But even so, when I first started doing healing, I thought that after about two or three years (about once a month), I would be able to achieve a somewhat better state of mind for my clients.

But, you know, even if you heal, even if you heal, it still comes out. The wounds of the heart (inner child).

I realized that I had been licking my chops.

When we did healing at this time, we did it by talking and releasing the cause of the current problem in the customer through healing.

So when I came for the next session, the problems I had faced at the previous visit had been resolved for the time being.

However, even if the previous problem has been resolved, everyone will have a new problem the next time they come back.

It was as if my heart was screaming, “Heal me too, heal me too, heal me too, heal me too! As if my heart was screaming, “Heal me, heal me, heal me, too!

To put it plainly, there are different types of frustration, and there are hidden causes of frustration in all of them.

Does it all stem from bad events in the past? If you ask me, I would say “yes” in my past healings.

I just think, “Who wouldn’t be okay in the same environment?” I think there are people who think that.

But the same environment is only a flash in the pan from the outside.

In fact, even in a similar environment, the way customers’ hearts are broken is completely different depending on their personalities, the way they were raised, their family structure, and the qualities they were born with.

And the more we healed the wounds in our hearts, the more the deep wounds hidden deep inside came to the surface.