Inner Heart Healing (5)

Inner Heart Healing (5) ‣心:Heart

When wearing a stuffed animal, the range of visibility is naturally limited.

You can think of this as the principle of assumption.

Healing heals the mind, eliminates beliefs, and removes the stuffing you have been wearing.

Then you will start to see things that you could not see before.

The narrow field of view, obstructed by the stuffed animal, limits the scope of what can be seen.

However, by taking off the costume, the view that was previously only 30 degrees can now be seen 120 degrees.

As one’s vision widens, one realizes that what one thought was true until now is in fact false, and the truth is quite different.

As a result, they unconsciously change the way they act.

When people become aware, they can no longer act the same way they used to.

And as you start to take action, your existing situation will change for the better.

That’s why they say, “It’s important to be aware” when changing things.