Childhood memories get in the way.

memory ‣輪廻転生:Circle of transmigration

The key to solving the mystery of past and present lives will be whether or not each person can connect to the soul of his or her previous life.

As I previously wrote in What is the Soul? wrote in the previous section, in order to reach the memory of a past life, one must reach the door to the memory of a past life deep in the subconscious.

Standing in front of them is the heartbreak (pond waste).

Why were you born to those parents? and “What happened before I was born that made me choose my current parents?” Some people’s memories from before they were born came out, and some people’s memories from this life came out.

I will write about memories before birth in the future, but the problem is those who have memories from this life.

What we are asking and the memories that come out are completely different.

But the memories that emerge are not so much emotional scars, but rather intense childhood memories that I have stored away in the back of my mind, which I have forgotten.

It brings up memories of watching them repeatedly when I was a baby, without understanding why.

Not one person had a memory from their babyhood come up, but several guests did as well.

I also found out that the soul will not show me the memories before I was born unless I remove the memories that are stuck in my mind from seeing them so many times when I was a child.