Why is it important to be angry?

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When it comes to the importance of being angry, most people say the same words.

That is, “If I told you, you wouldn’t understand,” he said.

This is a mistake.

You don’t get angry to get them to understand you.

You get angry for your own sake.

They get angry to heal their own hurt feelings.

People never get angry for nothing.

To be angry, big or small, a person has to be angry because he or she feels hurt in some way.

By doing the act of getting angry, you heal your hurt feelings.

And it is not only anger, but crying is also an act of healing oneself.

Many people live their lives on the axis of others more than they think, and they tend to want others to understand that they are hurting, but essentially, healing their own wounded hearts comes first rather than such things.

That is why they are angry.

By bringing hurt feelings to the surface, you put a band-aid on your own heart.

If you continue to endure without putting a band-aid on your heart, one day it will explode.

It really explodes regardless of his/her will.

By the way, if you want the other person to understand how hurt you are, it is better to tell the other person directly that you are hurt than to get angry.

If they are normal people, they will understand and apologize for hurting you.