The principle of self-denial.

principle of self-denial ‣心:Heart

People who have been denied self by their parents in various ways since childhood are skeptical about love.

This is because a belief is created in the mind that “if my parents deny me, others will deny me more.

But the reason parents deny their children is almost always because of their selfishness. It is in their selfishness.

But the smaller the child is, the more it thinks its parents are like gods and all-powerful people.

Because those parents deny them without telling them why, they think in their children’s minds that there is something wrong with them.

And this belief that there is something wrong with you creates three assumptions.

The first is the belief that they are denied by their parents because of their poor appearance.

The second is the belief that they are denied by their parents because they are not smart (thinking).

The third is the belief that one’s attitude (way of thinking) is wrong and is therefore denied by one’s parents.

Some people have only one of these assumptions, but more people have two or more than they think.

And these three assumptions create potential self-denial.

It comes out as the idea that when something goes wrong, it is my fault and the problem happened because I am not right.

This is even if it is not your fault at all.

Even if the person thinks something is strange, he or she believes that it is his or her fault or that something is wrong, which results in creating different problems in various places.

And the biggest problem is that the problems created by self-denial can hurt our hearts again and cause us to fall into a negative loop where our distrust of people becomes stronger.