When anger flares up

trickling water ‣感情:emotion

If you hold back your anger, the water (emotion) of anger will gradually build up in your heart.

But most people don’t realize that this water (emotion) of anger is building up.

You find yourself full of angry water (emotions).

Anger (water) that is full will cause the water (emotion) in the cup (mind) to overflow even when just a small irritating feeling (drop of water) falls (patience).

I find myself thinking, “Why am I so angry about this?” I feel so helplessly angry that I wonder, “Why am I so angry about this?

The psychological scars will remain unless you treat them yourself.

But as adults, no one heals us.

Unfortunately, as adults, we have to protect ourselves and tend to our own wounds.

So it is better to heal the wound while it is still shallow.

It takes time to heal if the anger is held back and the wound deepens.

This is because when the mind decides that it can no longer help itself, it goes to the body for help.