Can you hear your heart?

heart's voice ‣インナーハートヒーリング:Inner Heart Healing

In ordinary life, if you ask yourself, “Why was I born to those parents?” I believe that most of us will not get any answer back if we ask ourselves, “Why were I born to those parents?

From my experience in healing, I know that the voice of consciousness cannot reach the soul unless the heart is in a good state of mind.

On top of that, I do not know in which dimension the mind and soul exist, but for now I will use a three-dimensional analogy to make it easier to understand.

It is easy to understand why the voice of consciousness cannot be heard even by the soul if the mind is not in good condition, if we compare the mind to a pond.

A damaged and tired heart means that in a pond, garbage has accumulated and it is so muddy that the bottom cannot be seen.

On the other hand, if the heart has been healed and the state of mind has improved, it means that the pond has been cleaned of debris and the water is clear, and the bottom of the pond is visible.

Heartbreak is like pond scum.

Just as the wounds deepen with each heartbreak, the trash in the pond has accumulated over the years in layers, so that even if you clean only the top, you cannot see the bottom because the trash is still piled up at the bottom.

So if your conscious mind calls out something to your subconscious mind and gets no answer, you can just assume that you don’t hear anything because there is too much garbage in the pond and all sound is shut down.

That is, as I wrote the other day, the state of mind (clarity of the pond water) changes depending on whether the percentage of feelings held by the many alter egos is a large number of happy ones or a large number of negative ones.