Inner Heart Healing (3)

nner Heart Healing ③ ‣心:Heart

As I healed my heart, I realized that the process was like peeling the thin skin off an onion.

This is because in order to reach the depths of the mind, it is necessary for the mind to take off the armor or “costume” of “beliefs” that the mind has worn for many years.

The armor and clothes worn by the mind vary in thickness depending on the magnitude of the assumptions of the moment.

So when the thick armor and stuffing of the mind is taken off, the client’s body and mind are also exhausted.

It is such a difficult task to eliminate assumptions in the mind.

I call it “liberation” when such beliefs are eliminated through healing.

This is because the mind is freed by the healing process from the state in which the mind was controlled and stuck by the armor and the clothes of beliefs.

However, a mind that has been encumbered by armor and stuffed animals for many years cannot move so easily.

It takes time for a hardened heart to unwind just because the armor and the clothes are off.

If you imagine the mind as a body, you will understand.

Don’t you spend a lot of time with many layers of clothing on your body and then feel a sense of freedom when you take them off?

On the other hand, many of you must have felt full of a sense of liberation but felt that your body could not move as it should.

It is the same with the mind.

It is difficult to move suddenly from a state where one has been stuck in the armor and stuffing of beliefs, and where one’s vision has been narrowed.

So it takes time for the mind to move free from assumptions.

And by the time the mind was able to move, various realizations and good things began to happen.